Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pet donations: How to help Gulf families hurt by oil spill

Animal Rescue New Orleans is looking for donations so families who lost their jobs since the oil disaster in the Gulf don't also have to lose their pets. People are calling the ARNO hotlines saying they can no longer afford their pets. ARNO is a no-kill shelter.

"The shelters are beyond full,'' according to the ARNO website.

They're requesting people to sponsor families' pets through their Pet Retention Program for $25 a month so families can keep their pets. "We provide whatever the pet needs, i.e. food, medical care (maintenance and extraordinary), transportation to and from the vet, dog houses, and even a carrier to make sure they have provisions to evacuate with the pet. The caseworker assigned to the family stays assigned to that family to assure that care is consistent and to know of social services they might need for the human members of the family.''

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